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For the first time in 14 years, American Football is playing New York City at the infamous Webster Hall Grand Ballroom. 1400 tickets were sold in less than 3 minutes, and I like many other distraught emo kids, was unable to obtain one.

Since, cash is at a low, and my tears are at a high, I'm trading a water-bottle filled with my own tears for a ticket to go see American Football. These tears are 100% authentic, and are produced from myself by listening to only American Football and other Mike Kinsella projects (Owen, Joan of Arc, Their / They're / There, Owls, Cap N' Jazz etc.)

Serious inquiries only.
I recommend that you visit the source site for a x10 laughter multiplier, The attached photos are priceless...PRICELESS I say =D
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Just got my 1st Daily Deviation.
I'd like to thank :iconalexandrasalas: for featuring Gatchaman by porksiomai and for making me feel like a superstar even if it's just for a day =)

Also, Thanks to those who follow and enjoy my artwork. :iconbrofistplz: to each and everyone of you.
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  • Drinking: H20